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Air conditioning is a funny old thing! It's not rocket science but then in some ways,it is! Most people think that the air that their heater matrix delivers on a hot summer's day is just cold air pumped into their car. In some ways, it is, but it's a bit more technical than that. When your aircon is charged up the technician is feeding a compressed gas vapour into your system. He will attach a high pressure hose to the service port in your system and the other end to an air tank containing your type of gas as originally supplied in your vehicle at the factory when it was new.

He will have removed all your old gas with a machine, an "Evacuation unit ", and ensured your system has a good vacuum present. This improves the efficiency of your air conditioning. It also can show if your system has leaks.

PLEASE NOTE If your vehicle aircon has been inoperative for some time say over six months, the chances are you have a slow leak. If this is the case, please tell our operator because our initial process is different. WE CANNOT RECHARGE LEAKING SYSTEMS. They must be repaired first, or we are wasting product and your money.For standard recharge of up to 600 grams(most cars) add 25 for stop leak into the cost on the price page. A slow lak may take weeks to empty your system, and while we electronically leak test before and after regassing, these are not always evident. If this happens, you will have to pay for a return visit, stop leak at 25 and a regas, although we reduce to price to 30.
SO, please tell our engineer the full history of when your aircon was last working!

Airconditioning does not blow cold air into your car

Simple Description: The chemical process of air conditioning passing through your system actually REMOVES the hot air from inside your car, through a series of cycle changes from liquid to vapour, compression and friction which heats the refrigerant from its raw state. The refrigerant R134a commonly used for many years but being phased out for r1234yf, boils at -26.30 C. The process then removes heat from the car interior
The most efficient way to use your a/c is on face vent, fan one. The operating spectrum of most modern aircon systems is between 6 degrees C and 26 C, It is well to remember on very hot days 26C+, your system is going to be working overtime, so to maintain cool air in the interior, set your fan to the lowest level you can!


Use your a/c to clear misted windows quickly! The air from your a/c system is dry air, and will clear quicker than any heater!
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KYOTO and Montreal Protocol summit on Global Warming

In 2007, the current aircon refrigerant, r134a, was declared unsuitable for use due to Global Warming Potential GWP,and Ozone Depletion Potential, so a new gas has been developed, 1234yf, which has 0 GWP and 0 ODP. This is just starting to require regassing on vehicles of date 2015. Sadly, the cost of this is more expensive than the older gas as production has not reached its potential as many car makers are reluctant to change due to flammability issues! We hope this will change on the near future so we may be able to bring a lower cost to those vehicles currently using 1234yf!

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Terms and Conditions
By booking and appointment you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions;
Regas Aircon Europe will provide services on site, at home or work to your vehicle(s) under terms and conditions governing the handlings of HFC gasses as laid down in the Montreal and KYOTO Protocols and under environmental codes in place at the time of the work to be carried out. Our Technician will be a qualified City and Guilds technician under 5150 legislation.
Minor repairs and recharging may be carried out roadside, but dismantling of parts from your system can only be carried out under workshop conditions. Your technician will work on a best efforts basis to ensure your system works in compliance with all the above regulations and will advise you of any problems or observations that would affect the same.
Regas Aircon Europe cannot be held responsible for historic errors or faults which the technician may deem to be present withim the system at the time of service and it is the customer's duty to hold harmless our technician from such claims of negligence.
At times our technician may recommend a repair service or workshop to carry out a repair but it is understood that our staff are NOT affiliated to any other service or operation.
The technicians decision is final.